Friday, July 30, 2010

A Nice Car Doesn't Cover You Everywhere

It doesn't matter how nice your car is, when you step out that door and into another you still ahve to look the part. You don't get to sit in your car while you are having a few drinks at the bar, so looking like a farm hand probably isn't the result you want to go for.

One of the things guys have a problem with is dressing right. Personally, I get my men's clothing at places where I have to get them fitted. If I am going to be hitting clubs I wear clothes I can get at a suit shop. This may sound expensive, but in reality it is actually petty comparable to going anywhere else. Plus it isn't real difficult to fins something that looks good, and you really don't need to worry about seeing what you have on everywhere.

Dress clothes for men are real easy to get by with because they aren't really that unique like what women go through. What we need are quality clothing. Made well, and still look good. Better material certainly helps obviously, and spending a ton of money is still going to get the best, but you can still get nice dress clothes relatively cheap. The difference is that dress clothes ALWAYS look better than casual clothing even if they cost less in my opinion.

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