Thursday, June 19, 2008

Automakers Scramble to Produce Hybrids, Alternative Fuel Vehicles

With gasoline hovering north of $4 a gallon and public demand shifting rapidly, automakers are scrambling to get more energy efficient vehicles, alternative fuel vehicles, and hybrids on the market. Wow...way to look a head. Could have done this 5 years ago.

On June 16 Toyota announced two hybrids in the coming year, a Lexus (to debut in January), as well as the third-generation Toyota Prius, which will be out sometime in 2009.

Toyota is at working on lighter, more powerful lithium ion batteries that will first be used in the company's plug-in hybrid, which has a production date of 2010. Still...the lack of hydrogen fueling availability is a concern spurring thoughts that people will be wearing out their Ecco shoes faster than their tires if they don't have fuel available.

General Motors remains confident that their long-discussed, all-electric, Chevrolet Volt will be in showrooms in 2010 as well, with the capability to run 40 miles on battery-power alone. The company has yet to name a supplier for the Volt's battery.

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