Monday, June 2, 2008

2008 Jaguar XKR Coupe Review

Jaguars are the pimp mobiles in my opinion. I absolutely love the look of the classy Jaguar series vehicles. The 2008 Jaguar XKR is no different. Just looka t this bad boy. This is the car you want to be seen in driving to your Los Angeles jobs and trying to look like a Hollywood celebrity.

2008 Jaguar XKR Coupe

Building on the performance and looks of the regular XK by supercharging the 4.2-liter AJ-V8 engine and adding subtle musculature to the bodywork, the XKR is a fine example of a Grand Touring car, an oft-misunderstood term. What does the abbreviation "GT" mean? Not (shudder) the once all-too-common econobox with a spoiler on the trunk and "GT" on the sides. The real meaning is: a car that combines the performance of a true sports car with the comfort, for two people, of a luxury sedan, enabling it to be driven effortlessly for long distances at high average speeds. Because of this, it will be heavier than a pure sports car, with some consequent loss of ability near the limits. But in the real world of speed limits and traffic, that loss is moot. Divergent evolution since the end of World War II has ensured that a contemporary road-legal GT like the XKR is a long way from being a modern race car. Full Review

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