Monday, December 29, 2008

Plug-in 2008 Electric Car Conference

Probably more than ever the Plug-in Conference will have the most notoriety it has ever had this year. Even though we are all getting a fantastic reprieve on gas prices, the cost of fuel weighs on our minds still, and for many the environmental concerns that arise with the burning of fossil fuels is becoming a bigger and bigger issue due to the global warming evidence.

The conference opened in San Jose, Calif., to showcase the latest technological advances, market research and policy initiatives shaping the future of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). With many displays and POS systems at the conference there is one place that has an array of video and conference information to look at. If you click here you can see video of exhibits about Luscious Garage at Plug-In 2008, The Good News about Plug-ins, with Mark Duvall, EPRI, Bad Boy Buggies, 4WD plug-ins, Enhanced Vehicle Acoustics, new sounds for quiet hybrids, ZAP! a tour of their EVs, Green Transporters a product tour, and A123 Hymotion all about converting to plug-in.

Speakers at the even were Steve Specker, President & CEO EPRI, Peter Schwartz, Global Business Network, Jonathon Lauckner, Vice President, GM, Nancy Gioia, Ford Motor Company, James Boyd, California Energy Commission, Dan Sperling, California Air Resources Board, Andy Grove, Former Chairman & CEO, Intel, Dr. Andy Frank, UC Davis, Jim Kelly, VP, Southern California Edison, and Mark Duvall, Program Manager, EPRI.

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