Friday, December 26, 2008

2009 Land Rover LR2 HSE Review

Remember the boxy, drive in the wild Africa LAnd Rover from the past? The newest Land Rover is nothing like that. It is updated for a sleeker look, and has become a stuffed with technology such as compatibility PDAs, GPS systems, and more.

The reviewer took a look at the 2009 Land Rover in a great place this week. Michigan. If you haven't seen it Michigan got more snow this week than I have seen in the last 5 years combined. Close to 2 feet in just a few days! So...if you wanted to test this vehicle out in extreme conditions you couldn't have picked a better place.

We have had a wonderful week to experience the LR2’s excellent treacherous-road manners here in mid-Michigan with three good snow storms back-to-back. I had a meeting in the city on Friday, right at the height of the second storm. About three inches of accumulated snow and slush with rutted, glazed paths characterized freeway conditions. Intermittent squalls reduced visibility to about 50 yards. Surprisingly few cars floundered in the ditches and surprisingly many trucks played out the skidding game. full review

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