Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Hybrid Buyer's Guide

When the day comes that I can attack my car to a line on the highway and sleep for 4 hours I will be a happy man. Until then I suppose we have to rely on cars that humans drive that have some electric features and don't use 100% gasoline.

While there aren't many hybrids that can be used to haul stuff around like med carts, I'm sure most that buy them aren't looking for that feature.

The trendiest vehicles on the road today are hybrids, cars and trucks powered by drive-trains that use both internal combustion engines, and electric motors for propulsion or extended range electric generation.

The two current strategies are "full hybrids", which can operate under internal combustion power only, electric power only, or a combination of the two, and "light hybrids", which use an electric motor to aid the internal combustion engine when necessary. New to the hybrid scene are "Plug-ins" which carge the vehicles battereies from various electric sources and in effect extend the electric only range.

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