Saturday, June 25, 2011

Teens Tell Teens About Texting and Driving Dangers

Does anyone truly believe that texting and driving is proper, or safe? I mean I do it at times, and I KNOW it isn't safe. Texting, trying to grab the military coins I dropped on the floor, turning the iPod song to a different one, taking a drink while texting. It's like driving the problem here! Ha! Of course I am the greatest driver in the world so surely nothing will happen to me ;).

Of course we all know that many of the messages related to safe driving or nothing more than common sense. Wearing your seatbelt may be uncomfortable, but we know it is safer. That doesn't mean I would wear one if it wasn't for it being required by law. Motorcyle helmets being worn is something else many try to keep open. Catchy sayings like "Click it, or Ticket" stick with us though so I guess the easier it is to pound a message into our heads to get u to think about road safety the better. We learn by repetition so having a texting and driving discussion is necessary.

Six U.S. high school students were selected from nearly 300 journalism entries around the country as winners of the national Keep the Drive High School Journalism Awards to curb distracted driving, earning prizes totaling $7,500. The Keep the Drive High School Journalism Awards, sponsored by The Allstate Foundation, encourage high school journalists to educate their peers about the dangers of texting while driving, to raise awareness about youth traffic safety and empower teens to take on the issue locally. more

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