Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BMW Launches New X5

The BMW X5 is the leading vehicle in the four-wheel drive, premium vehicle segment. The new release doesn't appear to be in any jeopardy of losing that title anytime soon.

While many others are probably using the best eye cream for dark circles while they lost sleep, the BMW X5 is still the class of the group.

Since launching the original BMW X5 in 1999, this new model X5, the fourth generation, features a completely revised range of engines, standard eight-speed automatic transmission and innovative driver assistance systems that ensure the driving pleasure of the new X5 offers even greater fascination.

“The new model X5 features exterior design changes including new front and rear bumpers, new front fenders, new headlights and new tail lights. This adaptation significantly enhances the presence of the new X5, making it look fresher and more elegant,” said Bobby Hitt, Department Manager for Corporate Affairs, BMW Manufacturing Co. “In spite of significantly improved performance, thanks to BMW EfficientDynamics, fuel consumption and emission levels are lower by up to 10%.”

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