Saturday, January 16, 2010

Electirc Vehicles: Solution, or Diversion (Post Detroit Auto Show Thoughts)

One of the main themes of the 2010 Detroit Auto Show was fuel efficiency. Electric vehicles were at the front lines of the entire show for all of the biggest auto makers. While I pay more attention to the cars that make my zit cream less of a need to pick up women, you really can't avoid the themes trying to take advantage of rising fuel costs to sell newer cars with better efficiency.

The focus on EVs at this year’s Detroit show sure made it look like the car makers really do believe that Electric Vehicles are a viable solution to replace gasoline as the 'fuel' that maintains our freedom of mobility here in the U.S.

EVs play well on TV, and if they could actually replace gasoline powered vehicles I wouldn’t have to be so negative. But when you see the reality of the drop-in-the-bucket EV sales forecast numbers coming from the world’s car companies over the next 30 years, you too should get pissed, just as we at The Auto Channel are. Once again the American public and the world are being suckered with 'fool's gold' (electric) allowing Big Oil to direct our eyes off a quick, real and nearby solution to our oil dependence.

In discussing alternative fuel and energy ideas with others in the industry, one oft repeated retort to us keeps being uttered: "There are many solutions to the gasoline problem, not one silver bullet; and it will take time to let the government and private companies develop and test new fuel technologies before we can determine the alternative fuel winners." More

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