Sunday, November 30, 2008

Audi Snags 3 Auto Trophy Titles

Voters have given Audi a lot of action in the “Auto Trophy 2008” awards sponsored by motoring magazine Auto Zeitung. Three have Audi models were voted as the best of their classes at the “Auto Trophy 2008”. The poll saw the Audi A4, A6 and R8 pick up three of the year’s most sought-after awards. Audi also took first place in the image report on car brands for the fifth time in a row.

Audi is the cool car to have now I guess. Just like having Moroccan decor furniture in your home, you probably want to impress your friends with a new Audi according to popularity.

Audi won the mid-size category with 27.9% of the vote for the Audi A4. They won the full-size category with the Audi A6 getting 30.9% of the votes. LAst, but not least, the Audi R8 won the "supercar" category with 27.8% of the votes. A margin of over 10% in relation to the next highest vote getter.

In addition to these awards, for the fifth time in a row, they chose Audi as the best image for a brand at 38.6 percent. This category consisted of 49 other car brands. Audi is to automobiles as Moroccan decor is to furniture it appears. The best of the best.

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