Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Michigan Has Cell Phone Ban Legislation for "Novice" Teen Drivers?

OK...I live in Michigan, and frankly I was kind of under the impression that using a cell phone while driving was already illegal. Honestly, I never looked into it. I'm guessing it is in many places, but apparently it isn't here.

Anyways, this sounds like some of the stupidest legislation I've heard in a while. Why only "Novice" teens? Why not all teens? Why not everyone? Teens are surely worse drivers, but there are a lot of stupid drivers out there. Sure most of us that have driven for a while know when we can talk on a cell and when we can't, but you see idiots on a daily basis oblivious to their surroundings on cell phones now, and they aren't teens. Some guy carting his free kitchen cabinets on a trailer with no tail lights, his kids jumping around without seatbelts, trying to pick a song on his iPod, and being on of those guys that can't talk to the passenger without looking at them. Aren't they the worst? Hey man...your voice travels to them anyways. They don't have to see your face.

Under the legislation, teenage drivers with a Level 1 or 2 license will have to comply with cell phone restrictions. The only exemptions would be allowing new teen drivers to report a crash, emergency or crime. Numerous studies have shown that new teen drivers are far more likely to be involved in cell phone-related crashes than older, more experienced drivers. (Ummm...this is the case regardless.)

The bill would allow police to issue a civil infraction to teens who are in violation of the new law. AAA supports the law, which will be discussed in a House Transportation Committee hearing at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday (Dec. 5) in Lansing. AAA Michigan encourages passage of the law, referred to as "Kelsey's Law," named for Kelsey Raffaele, a 17-year-old Michigan resident who was killed while talking on her cell phone and driving.

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