Monday, November 15, 2010

2011 Nissan Leaf Zero Emission Vehicle

Want a go-kart? Well you can have one if you care so much about the environment that you will drive a car that can go about 100 miles before you have to lay her up for rest.

Nissan unveiled the all electric Zero emission LEAF August 2, 2009, a lot different than the first electric vehicle they introduced in 1947.

This ZERO emission all electric LEAF vehicle is well equipped. The 5 door hatchback has enough room for five passengers. Thanks to the flat lithium batteries and many of the items needed in a gasoline powered vehicle let the designers deliver a lot of interior space.

The Zero emission 100% electric LEAF can travel up to 100 miles at temperature of 68 to 78 degrees on flat land. Speed is the number one killer of the battery charge. Another is added weight (get your best weight loss supplement handy). Normal city driving and some freeway driving will deliver up to 100 miles per charge using the standard charging or Level 2 charging station. more

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