Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2011 Lincoln MKT AWD Review

The 2011 Lincoln MKT AWD features a hefty $57,000 price tag with a few essentials. Even sending the best of us for wholesale diamonds after the 0purchase. Based on the Ford Edge platform, is a much better looking, larger and more capable vehicle. Technically a crossover, the MKT can serve as a cargo or people hauler, a limousine, or a family car.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Lincoln has a nomenclature problem. What's the difference between a MKT, MKZ and whatever other MK they have? Life is so much easier for we senior citizens with names like Zephyr, etc.

That said, the new 2011 MKT is the kind of vehicle Lincoln needs if it is to survive. Based loosely on the Ford Edge, it is so much more than the Edge. It's bigger, wider, has a longer wheelbase and, while it shares some of the Edge's styling, the MKT has a more limousine-like rear end treatment.

I also fell in love with the "cinnamon metallic" exterior paint color, which is more chocolate-like. Chocolate or cinnamon, I like `em both. full review

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