Saturday, May 15, 2010

Subaru "New Eyestight" Safety Device

There can never be too much safety in vehicle can there? Subaru has developed a 'New EyeSight’ driving assist system – a unique active safety device that uses camera technology to help drivers avoid collisions.

Using two forward-facing cameras mounted either side of the rear-view mirror, New EyeSight incorporates a ‘Pre-Collision Braking Control’ feature, which sounds an alarm to warn the driver of a potential collision with a vehicle in front. If the speed difference between the driver’s vehicle and that in front is below 30 km/h, and if there is no action taken by the driver, the system will also automatically slow or stop the car in order to avoid a collision or minimize damage.

Interesting piece of tech I must say. Certainly will help those who are distracted by their wedding invitations in the passenger seat , or the texting they are doing while they drive ;).

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