Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dog Friendly? 2010 Honda Element Review

Dog lover? The 2010 Honda Element is the vehicle for you it appears with their trademarked Dog Friendly package. Obviously, the vehicle is ready for the regular driver, but it has a little niche marketing going on where it has a package for the dog owner as well.

The dog package has a few things that a dog lover would be proud of. A kind of doggie tent zippered kennel with a padded floor (complete with dog pattern cloth) fits in the cargo area behind the rear seat, and a folding ramp for Rover's access is stored under that. A 12-volt DC rear ventilation fan helps keep third-row canine passengers cool. The kennel is big enough for one medium-sized dog -- think Golden, Lab, or German Shepherd -- or a couple of smaller ones, and is rated for dogs up to 80 pounds so your dog with the clinicallix need probably won't fit. It promotes canine safety by keeping dogs in place, and out of the way of the driver.

Dog-Friendly joins the existing ski, snowboard, bicycle, and other "lifestyle accessory" packages that make the Element useful. full review

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