Monday, June 1, 2009

60% of Drivers Admit to Losing Their Temper on the Roads

Surprised it is that low really. Well...I guess the 40% who don't admit it are the ones driving like

Aggressive driving kills, says AAA Michigan. More than half of fatal car crashes involve some form of aggressive driving--speeding, running another driver off the road, tailgating or yelling obscenities.

While that may be somewhat true, I highly doubt those are accurate assumptions. Alcohol related accidents can involve any number of those characteristics as well.

A 2008 survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that 80 percent of respondents consider aggressive drivers to be a serious traffic safety problem. However, many of those same people said they drive aggressively. Relatively minor driving infractions--changing lanes without signaling, following too closely, driving too slowly, honking at other drivers--can easily escalate into potentially deadly altercations (Better buy HGH to put those suckers in their place) Not every incident turns violent, but 60 percent of motorists admit losing their temper while driving--also known as road rage.

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