Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great Designs in Steel Seminar Shows Steel Solutions to Fuel Efficiency and Emmissions

Besides just having better fuel efficiency, and reducing emmissions by using alternative fuel sources, there are other ways to improve both. The Great Designs in Steel Seminar, it's 8th Annual meeting, showed a few designs that will help in this regard.

"Since its inception, the Great Designs in Steel seminar has helped educate automotive engineers in using advanced high-strength steel technologies to design safe, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles," said Ron Krupitzer, vice president of automotive applications for AISI's SMDI. "This year's program featured some of the latest developments in next-generation steels that address key issues in the automotive industry today."

Of those key issues, fuel-efficiency is one of them. As you may guess, the implementation of less bulky designs plays a role in all this. One of the seminars included the topic of Automotive Lightweighting (these aren't diet pill reviews) and Upcoming Energy Climate Policy Opportunities. Basically the idea that better materials, and less weight will help the overall fuel efficiency of the models. more

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