Saturday, March 28, 2009

Audi wins "All-wheel drive car of the year"

Just rolled out of my sleep number bed and felt like taking a look at some reviews for a new ride. So what did I come a crossed? The "All-wheel drive car of the year". Audi kicking more ass on the auto scene. What else is new?

Audi has extended its winning streak in the readers’ poll held by all-wheel drive specialist magazine “AUTO BILD ALLRAD”, topping two categories for the fourth year in a row. Two Audi models took home the title of “All-wheel drive car of the year 2009”, with the Audi A4 quattro winning the category “All-wheel drive cars between €25,000 and €40,000” and the Audi A6 quattro winning “All-wheel drive cars above €40,000”. Full story

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