Sunday, January 11, 2009

CNN's 2008’s Automotive Winners and Losers

Hard to believe that any automobiles were winners in 2008. At least in America where people were supposedly completely broke, and gas prices were through the roof. Most were probably spending money on gift card for gas rather than thinking about a new car. I suspect that a lot of the winners are high MMPG cars, or even hybrids, but let';s see who was a winner.

The best selling car once again for the 11th straight year is the Toyota Camry, which includes the Camry Hybrid and the two-door Solara. So...once Hybrid already on top of the list. The vehicles sold 436,617 cars, according to

Not only did Camry have the best selling single car, but they took home the best brand as well. The year wasn't spectacular though as all brands were down significantly, but Toyota came out a head in the brand game, which typically was a fight between Ford and Chevy. Toyota just eeked out Chevy with 1,843,669 cars this year. Chevrolet came in second with 1,790,519 sales.

Take a look at the rest of the list including the biggest losers of 2008.

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