Thursday, October 16, 2008

10 Biggest Auto Sales Losers

Now...most of these vehicles are SUVs with poor gas mileage. That right there is a big clue as to why they are losing out in the market right now. Although this is the case the costs of them are getting so low as they are blinking brightly on the digital signage outside dealerships, that many are trying to justify the purchase as that they are so cheap the cost of gasoline is offset.

Certainly this is "logical" to deduce, but in reality are you really getting that good a deal in the long run? First of all the sticker price being dropped down means that the blue book of the vehicle is worth a lot less now anyways so it isn't like you are getting a good investment out of it. Used cars don't typically go up in value like say a house does when you buy it in this market. Besides...I am not going to try and call you dumb, but do you honestly believe that gas prices are going to go down over the life of your vehicle, or that MPG standards are going to stay the same? I didn't think you did. So...these "deals" aren't technically deals at all, and frankly you are just adding to the problem by buying them.

Anyways,,,there might be a couple "good" deals in this list, but you'll have to judge for yourself. Take a look at the 10 Biggest Auto Sales Losers out there right now.

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