Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nitrogen Tire Inflation Saves Gas

People are always looking for deals, or to use the most cost effective way to get things done. Be it by just buying term life insurance over whole life, or finding cheap ways to reduce the amount of gas they use in their cars.

GoNitroTire, a member of environmental advocacy organization Global Green USA, is helping drivers transform their vehicles into safer, cost-effective modes of transportation in time for Earth Day 2008. Previously available only to major industries such as NASCAR and the U.S. Military, GoNitroTire now provides nitrogen tire inflation to consumers and business fleets through advanced technology products UltraFill99+ and TireXtender, available at

“The day has come for Nitrogen Tire Inflation to be embraced in the public domain… tried and tested by large industry and professional motor sports for decades,” said GoNitroTire Founder and Managing Partner Ken Lawton. “It is the best piece of green technology to emerge in many years… Our other Nitrogen products will further revolutionize the way people maintain their tires and for GoNitroTire, simply another platform for growth.”

With gas prices reaching their highest national average cost since 2005, it’s no surprise consumers are looking for an effective way to reduce their dependency on gas. But do they know it’s as easy as changing the type of air that’s in their tires? A recent study by the Ford Motor Company found that the average truck driver saves 8% yearly on gas by injecting nitrogen in their tires, providing extended, even tire wear over time.

Check out the GoNitroTire's website for more in depth information on Nitrogen Tire Inflation uses.

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